How it works

Note-The Higher the quantity, the lower the cost per unit ( note applicable to all product )

  • Product varies with quantity, colour, size to fit your budget. to generate price according to your budget, kindly Click on the ORDER NOW BUTTON> Select a product> choose from the listed options and price will be generated according to the options you choose.
  • feel free to contact us if you cant find what you are looking for (Please call: 08186890386 or contact us if you have any question)


  • STEP 1: Pick an item from our product list, select quantity / specification, according to your budget, price will be generated
  • STEP 2: Proceed to checkout to activate your order
  • STEP 3: An auto e-mail will be sent to you, reply with the required information, (you can upload your design
    or request a professional design)
  • STEP: We will print and deliver to your doorstep

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